The Renaissance Yawara organization has two Honbu (headquarter) dojos, one located in Japan and another in the other located in the United States.  The Japan Honbu is Tadayuki Satoh Shihan’s private dojo, Kisuikan, and students who have the privilege to train with Sensei in Japan have the added benefit of working with many of Satoh’s senior students.  Kisuikan is located in Tokyo by Takadanobaba Station and close to Waseda University.  Kisuikan is a truly special dojo dedicated to the development and promotion of the principles of Jigoro Kano and the techniques and teaching methodology of Kenji Tomiki.

The International Honbu is Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy and located in Tigard, Oregon.  Pacific Rim also goes by the name Zen Ei Kan, a name given to the dojo by Satoh Sensei after his first visit to Oregon in 2016.  The name Zen Ei Kan has a deep connection to Jigoro Kano and Kano’s vision for the true spirit of Judo.  Zen Ei Kan was the name chosen by Satoh for his own dojo, but given to Pacific Rim based on the dojo’s commitment to the relentless pursuit the application of Kano’s principles.  The International Honbu is also home to all organizational business related to Renaissance Yawara International.

“..the blue waters of the Pacific are rapidly becoming transformed into a connecting link that will eventually join us together in our common aim for world friendship and peace.” – Jigoro Kano (1932)

Kisuikan Dojo

169-0075, Takadanobaba, 4-5-9, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan


Tadayuki Satoh, Shihan

Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy (Zen Ei Kan)

8970 SW Burnham St. Tigard, OR 97223

Michael Martyn, Head Instructor