Welcome to the Kisuikan Dojo in Tokyo. This is the Japan Honbu (Headquarters) of the Renaissance Yawara organization. Students who are fortunate enough to train at Kisuikan will have the guidance of Tadayuki Satoh Shihan, as well as the added benefit of several high ranking students.  Classes consist of warm-up exercises, tai-sabaki, kata, goshin-jutsu and randori. Practicing these together help give our students a well rounded and deeper understanding of both Tomiki Aikido and Kodokan Judo. Training at Kisuikan is considered a unique privilege and visiting students (RYI members and non-members) are required to schedule an appointment with Martyn Sensei ( prior to visiting.



Tadayuki Satoh began his study of Budo at an early age.  His father, Gohatiro Satoh, was a well known judo teacher in Shizuoka Prefecture and attained an 8th Dan.  Gohatiro was a peer of Jigoro Kano and a contemporary of such famous Judoka as Mifune and Nagaoka and Kenji Tomiki.  Satoh’s father sent Tadayuki to study at Waseda University and learn from Tomiki.  When he first enrolled in Waseda, Satoh trained in both Judo and Aikido, but in his second year of college made the decision to focus solely on Aikido.  From the time of his enrollment in Waseda until Tomiki’s death in 1979, Satoh sensei would spend Sundays having tea and training with Tomiki.  Satoh was appointed to be Shihan in Aikido of Waseda University in 2007 by the senior Tomiki Aikido Association of Japan, a post that had been vacant for over 20 years since the Tomiki’s death.

Due to Satoh Sensei’s unique history and connection to both the founder of Judo as well as Tomiki Aikido, he is uniquely qualified to teach on the original tenets of each art as well as their historical and technical connections.


Kisuikan Dojo


19:00 – 21:00

Waseda University

Monday & Wednesday

16:30 – 19:00


Kisuikan Dojo (HONBU)

169-0075 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Takadanobaba 4-5-9

Tadayuki Satoh – Shihan